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Life Meetings is a Christian ministry consisting of believers from various local churches who meet regularly to explore the depths and riches of life in Christ.
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Yield to Utterances

Yield to Utterances

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The following prophecy and interpretation of tongues were given during the prayer meeting on November 4, 2016:




As we begin to yield to utterances, we will give access to angelic spirits into our world. There are angels who have been commissioned by God to minister for them who will come to inheritance. They are ministers of inheritance. The inheritance of the saints will not be received without their help because they have been commissioned for that purpose. What will bring them is yielding to the spirit of utterance in meetings and in personal prayer times. Whenever there is a yielding to the utterance of the spirit, these ministers will be given access here. These spirits are not coming to part rivers or to cause spectacular thing to happen, the are not coming for signs and wonders on the earth, they are coming for sayings. They will bring utterances. All they will do are speaking and saying. There are things which need to be uttered on the earth, things which are said in heaven. Heaven is governed by utterances. The beings in heaven respond to utterances.


The will of God cannot be done unless it is known, and the will of God cannot be known unless it is said, so there are going to be sayings of God’s will upon the earth. God’s will is foreign. Man cannot say God’s will. It has to be brought to the earth. There will be an importation of ministers of the will of God who will bring it here, and when they bring it here they will begin to speak it. There will be an increase of sayings.


There will be many many more sayings. We are moving into a time of things being said. New things will be said. Things which haven’t been known before will be said. There will be sayings.


The kingdom will not come without sayings. Mouthpieces and terrible tongues of the Lord will begin to be raised upon the earth. These tongues will be people who have received the ministry of above and would have been raised with the tongue of the learned.



Some tongues and the following interpretation:


Men of utterances will be raised and I will send them into my churches to speak and to utter. The kingdom will come by utterances. The kingdom will be established by utterances. The kingdom shall be spoken – it shall be spoken of.


So, yield yourself. Yield yourself as mouthpieces. Yield your ears to hear, yield your hearts to be written upon, and yield your tongues to speak. Yield! It is time for the kingdom to come. But the kingdom will come by sayings. Don’t think it unusual when you gather and all you have are utterances. There will be an increase of tongues and interpretations, and there will be an increase of prophecies – the spirit of prophecy. The Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. Give yourself to utterances. Yield your tongue to utterances. Grow in utterance, increase in utterance.


Access will be given to real spirits who have your inheritance with them to come to you as you yield to utterances. “Yield” is a command! It is a command for this time. Yield to utterances even in private. There are things that will be said in private, but will not remain in private. They are for you to have and to keep so they can be written upon your heart and you can be turned into a voice to speak them.

AUTHOR - Jefferson Tokurah

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