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Life Meetings is a Christian ministry consisting of believers from various local churches who meet regularly to explore the depths and riches of life in Christ.
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The Shining of the Great Light

The Shining of the Great Light

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The following prophecy and interpretation of tongues were given at the Life Meeting in Ottawa on Saturday, August 12, 2017:


Thus saith The Lord! The people who have dwelt in darkness have seen a great light! a great light out of the heavens, out of the clouds, breaking forth from the presence of Elohim, a great showing and exposition of Himself, a great revelation of truth, a great coming of light, a great light of the great God breaking forth, in this day and in this time, in this season, breaking forth into hearts, shedding the light of divinity, shedding the revelations and the mysteries of the Godhead, showing forth the life of God. Oh a great light is shining! the great light is shining!


The light of life is echoing! It is resonating within the hearts of many. For these are the days of shining, these are the times of speaking, the days of sight, of eyes being opened, the days of men coming into the great light, people beginning to see and beginning to know, hearts beginning to be enlightened. The light of God, the light which lightens every man that comes into the world is being shown in this great day and in this time.


As many who will hearken, who will desire, who would long to know, who would long to come into that eternal communion and fellowship with Him that sits on the throne, to them shall this great light come, to them shall this great light shine, to them shall be this visitation. Indeed graces and mercies are being released from the throne, abilities of heaven with emissaries empowered to bring men into this light; it will change the day, to change the order, and to bring a new knowledge and revelation of the one who sits upon the throne.


So, begin to hearken and to lift up your eyes as far as you can see into the spirit, begin to make journey, begin to gird the loins of your heart, begin to set your eyes and your heart, and your hope upon that grace that shall be brought to you at the Revelation of Jesus.


These are the days of the speaking of the Son, these are the times of the revelation of the Son, for in sundry times and in diverse manners He spoke to the fathers by the prophets but the Lord shall speak unto us in this day by the Son. The same Son that maketh all things, the same Son that produced all things, the same Son by whom all things were created, by whom all things were made, and without Him was nothing made that was made. For in Him was life and that life was is the light of men.


Men will come to that light, the light of the creator, men will come to that light, the light of the Word, the light of the Logos, the light of the Son, that great light from which all other lights flow, that great light which is a fountain in the Spirit, that great light which is unending, that great light which is a marvel to the whole of creation.


I will shine! I will shine saith The Lord!! I will shine among my people, I will reveal myself, I shall make myself known among my people. Yes I am he that dwelleth in the midst of the Cherubims of Glory, among the beings of glory, I am He who dwells in the midst of the great coverings, in the heavenlies, for the time is come that I will begin to unveil myself. The time is come that I will begin to reveal myself, the time is come that I will begin to show forth myself.


For as many who are desirous of me, who are willing to see me, even when darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people, even at that time shall my light shine into the hearts of many, and my glory shall be seen upon many. So rejoice! So rejoice!! So rejoice!!! So be glad because your light is come. Your light is come! rejoice and be glad. Arise and shine! Shine and be seen in this great light. Arise and be joyful! Arise and be glad! Arise and make joyful noise because your light is come.


The light is come! These are the days of your light. The day of your light is come. This is your light. Come into your light. Do not be hesitant saith The Lord. Do not hold back. For if you knew what amount of mercy and grace, what resources and powers of God have been put into motion to bring you this light, if you knew what things had to be moved to bring this day to you, and for this day to come upon you, that in your generation and in your very time, this great light should shine. So don’t hold back for any reason whatsoever because this is your light. Arise! Come into your light. Arise and shine. In Him you will find the answer to all things. In this light will be the interpretation of all mystery – the knowing of all things. Come into your light. The reason for the light is to make you a light so you can shine in this light. When you come into your light, you will begin to shine. When you come into your light, you will become the light and the light will become you. The day of darkness is past. Darkness is past and the great light already shines. Behold the great light shines!


Oh, yes! I hear The Lord say; the reason for me shining among men is to bring the revelation of my righteousness, because that which is right in my sight cannot be known without my light. In my light is the secret code to the interpretation of that which is right. You cannot know what is right without my light. You need light to see the right path because the path of the just is like a light that shines brighter and brighter unto the day of perfection.


So, I am bringing you paths and light! Light for paths. Light to see the paths of life. Light to walk out of darkness into the paths into righteousness. Because of my name and for the sake of my name I will begin to lead you on sacred paths, hidden paths, paths which have been so hidden from creation, paths which men have been unable to walk in because the paths have not been shown. But I am showing new and ancient paths. The ancient paths, the ways of the ancient, the ways of God are being unveiled by this light. You shall begin to know in a definite way the paths of righteousness. You will come into revelation of that which is right. You will know righteousness by virtue of the great light.


Have you known limitations? What is that mountain before zerubbabel? Behold that mountain shall be made a plane. There shall be no mountain before you! Nothing will stop your eyes and nothing will block your gaze. Nothing will stop you from being able to see and to comprehend. Nothing will stop you anymore because behold I have laid in zion a stone. That stone is a tried stone and there are shoutings of Grace! Grace! Grace! to it. With the revelation of life comes the grace for life – the capacity and ability to walk in the paths of God. In the paths where God walks you will walk also, because you will come out of darkness into light.


Oh yes! Aha!! He says I’m going to give you wings to fly. Because your time in the valley is over, you will begin to move and soar upon the mountains. The mountain is the place of spirits. You will need to be a spirit to ascend and step upon the mountain. Your time of waiting is done. Your time of waiting is over therefore you shall mount up with wings as an eagle, you will begin to run and not be weary, you will begin to walk without fainting. You will begin to sour upon the hills like an eagle. The wind bloweth where it listeth. You hear the sound thereof but no man can tell frem where it comes or where it goeth. So shall you be because you shall become born of the spirit.


A new breed am I raising in this day. A new kind of people. A new kind of man. I am giving birth again upon the earth. I am bring forth a new people who will be born of the water and the spirit, who will be able to move and to flow in the same frequency of God. Receive grace for spiritual expression. Receive grace for spiritual walk. Receive grace for spiritual life. Receive all the graces of God and the power of God available for divine interaction and dealings, for walk and for activity in the spirit. The realm of the spirit will now become your world. Without any effort or strain, easily you will begin to operate in the spirit, and you will begin to discern the Son so clearly and tangibly. The thoughts of God will become natural to you because you would have been born of God; you would have become new.


So, begin to walk like a new people. Begin to walk like a new man that you are. Begin to walk in newness because as Jesus was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so should you walk in newness of life. Begin to find the paths of the new man. The new man has his way, he has his life, he has his paths, he has his plans, purposes and pursuits; he has his world, and everything about him is different. I have done a new thing! I have done a new thing!! Seek out the new. Seek out the interpretation of your life.


Come into that which has been prepared for you – your great inheritance for which the blood of Christ was shed, for which He died on the cross, for which He gave his life. The reason for His sacrifice is that you also shall become new because you hath he quickened who were once dead. You have been quickened with Christ, so move into the quickening order. There is a life and a way of the quickening spirit.


The Lord says that there is a new and living way which is secret and which man cannot find without help. But help has come! Help has come to you!! By help you will begin to come boldly to the throne of grace, you will begin to find the path – that new and living way which was consecrated for you through the veil, which is His flesh. You will come into acknowledgement and a knowing of the high priest who is set over the house of God. You will begin to draw near with full assurance of faith. The days of doubt are over. The days of vague speculation, indefiniteness and of not being sure are over. In these days of clarity, you will begin to know. All thing will begin to be made bare before you by the activity of God’s light within your heart.


The way and the paths of the new man is the way of the spirit because the new man is a man of the spirit. He is not a natural man. He is called the spiritual man. The first man was of the earth, earthy, but this second man, who is a life giving spirit, is the Lord from heaven. So, begin to give attention to the spirit. Begin to give yourself to the dictates, the instructions and the life of the spiritual man. As you begin to give yourself to the ways of the spirit, you will begin to feel the presence of God within you getting stronger. He will come, but He will demand your life, so that he can substitute life for life. He will begin to demand your own paths, your ways, your thinking, the things you are used to, the things you enjoy, the things you desire. He will begin to make demands of you, but as you begin to obey through love and you begin to yield to commandments in the spirit, you will begin to come to the realization of a new indwelling, you will begin to see and feel the presence of divinity within your heart.


Jesus says it is he who does my commandments that loves me, and when I find such a man upon the earth, when I find a lover who does my commandments, I will go and tell my Father. My Father will fall in love with such a man also, and then we will come together and we will make our abode with him. So shall it be! You will come to the fullness of the Godhead! This is the reason for this light, and this light will not stop shining until the precious fruit of the earth has been reaped. Amen!

AUTHOR - Jefferson Tokurah

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