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Life Meetings is a Christian ministry consisting of believers from various local churches who meet regularly to explore the depths and riches of life in Christ.
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Entering the Kingdom

Entering the Kingdom

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The following prophecy and interpretation of tongues were given during the prayer meeting on December 19, 2016:



It seems like we are at a crossroads. We have come to the edge of a season – a time when there will be an escape from the flesh into the spirit. Get ready for a change! The extent to which you will advance is the extent to which you are transformed. You won’t stroll into the kingdom – you will enter by transformation. You have to be transformed to enter the kingdom of God. There is now a release of power, a release of divine ability for conversion, and for transformation. As many as are willing to undergo this transformation will come out as gold on the other side.


Some tongues and the following interpretation by Bro Femi Famade:

There is an order of entrance into my kingdom. Those who will rule in my kingdom are those who have been made lowly, those who have a broken and contrite heart, a broken spirit. I am calling men that I may crush them. Men have to be made lowly.  When they have been made lowly, then they will come into rulership. I made my Son lowly and I gave him dominion. Any man who will come into the kingdom must be made lowly because I am lowly – that is the order.  I am lowly and I made my son lowly. The journey into my dominion is a journey of lowliness and humility.


More tongues and the following interpretation by Bro Femi Famade:

An oath! Has He not made an oath that I will bring many into this life? The way to make a man great is for him to come into my meekness. I will teach men to be meek, I will teach men to be lowly, in order to bring them into into my kingdom. Any man who will come to the stature of the kingdom must be made lowly. For a man to come into rulership, I must rule over him. A man who has not come into meekness has not submitted to my leadership, but when a man submits to my leadership and comes into rulership, he will rule by my leadership. This is the Edenic order of life, the life I ordained from Eden, and I will bring it back. I will bring man back into dominion, I will bring him back to rulership.


AUTHOR - Jefferson Tokurah


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