Life Meetings | Our Modalities
Life Meetings is a Christian ministry consisting of believers from various local churches who meet regularly to explore the depths and riches of life in Christ.
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Our Modalities



Life Meetings is a ministry in the body of Christ consisting of believers who are active members of various local churches. We are always open to establish well defined partnerships and understanding with various local Churches whose members are attendees of Life Meetings. Since a major part of our mission is to support and strengthen the local church, we adopt the following modalities:


  1. Life Meetings are not held on Sundays to avoid clashing with local Church services
  2. The weekday programs and special events of our local Church partners are considered and prioritized, and as such, Life Meetings are mostly held on Saturday mornings when there is low potential for conflict with local Church programs.
  3. The Life Meetings leadership is willingly and voluntarily subject to the scrutiny and oversight of the leadership of our local Church partners. This includes making recordings of teachings available if requested.

"And in this mountain shall the Lord of hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things" - Isaiah 25:6